About Us

Your Phoenix east valley courier and delivery service company


Dial-A-Runner is a one stop shop for all of your Courier and Delivery needs. We are very proud of our name and the extremely high standard of Customer service we provide. We appreciate that people like to speak to people and to this end will never have automated telephone systems. All calls are answered within two rings with a polite welcome. Because we have no allegiance to any one system we can “Cherry pick” the best service that suits your needs. From the minute a package is collected it is tracked by our highly sophisticated systems to ensure the whereabouts are knows at all times and even when this fails you will be told the truth. We saw a niche in the market in that the big Companies are too big. They have dropped prices but unfortunately in certain cases have also let the after care slip along with it.
If you need a friendly efficient, reasonably priced Courier then you need look no further than